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Terms and Coditions

Each card (USB Flash Drive or Pendrive) can be installed without problems in up to 10 different devices, such as: Desktops, Laptops (Windows or MAC), tablets or smartphones (IOS or Androids).
On desktops or laptops with USB 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0, just insert the flash drive into the USB and load the book file and store it in a computer folder or even in the clouds.
As for mobile devices, you will always need a USB adapter, according to the requirements of each model from each manufacturer. On mobile devices, the file can also be transferred from a desktop or laptop via cloud, email or link (This is always the easiest and fastest way to transfer the file from the Book Stories of Mary - The Mother of Jesus Christ).
Up to 10 installations of each Smart Card Book (USB Flash Drive) are allowed and authorized without any problem or act of software piracy. Thank you very much enjoy your book.

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