Cruelly Abused Women - Digital Book


Nations commanded by bloody dictators, their territories divided and dominated by local warlords, and their dehumanizing militias carry devastating weapons to mutilate, extort, and enslave all citizens., Demanding by any means a share of the extorted people's properties.
Those ones who don’t pay in cash, pay with flesh.
Young people, instead of sowing the soil to produce food and stop the hunger, become mercenaries, propagating hate, death, and destruction. They lose their humanity creating their own branches of the inferno.
Women and children are most vulnerable.  Abused continuously. Paying with their bodies. They are enslaved, raped, barbarized and beaten.  They are the endless and silent victims  forced to serve the shameful warlords and militias. Isolated and abandoned.
David, an American, in a dream or vision, is led to this Inferno, a dry and desolate land, an immense desert, lawless, where the control comes from dictators and the warlords.
He finds a young lady, dying of dehydration and starvation. Her body and soul devastated from the abuse of the her captors, a local warlord and his mercenary militia.
She escaped after an aerial attack from allied forces, only to perish in a sizzling desert. A dead end of one of the many branches of inferno.
David and Sofia’s epic story has begun with their first encounter. He makes an unbelievable effort to save Sofia, however, in order to do so he needs a miracle, water and food.  Otherwise Sofia may die.
Carrying Sofia in his arms, he crosses the barren land, climbs mountains and dunes, crosses a savannah, only to find no food and not a single drop of water.
“Cruelly Abused Women" is both a fantastic and shocking story, which leads to a startling conclusion.  Inferno is right here on Earth. A quick read with life altering truths exposed, your life will not be the same!

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