04 Download Cards of the book Stories of Mary - The Mother of Jesus Christ
  • 04 Download Cards of the book Stories of Mary - The Mother of Jesus Christ

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    It would be unrealistic to develop a writing work of this magnitude and importance to retell some stories of Mary's life without mentioning the artwork of this historical period. During this remote period portrayed through this book, “Stories of Mary”, the lenses of today's powerful cameras were represented by the retinas of the perceptive eyes of the great masters of painting. Their eyes were directed and guided by their fertile imaginations and exuberant creativity.

          Western religious art, in the first and second millennia of humanity after Christ, was intense and extremely creative, given the large number of exceptional painters and wealthy patrons (within the church itself, as well as in the powerful aristocracy). It was an extraordinary time, filled with nobles and majesties eager for power and frequently with intense desires to achieve the good graces of the dominant clergy. For this, they did not hesitate to open their treasures. They financed extensively painters, sculptors, artisans, musicians, singers. In short, all the artists considered welcome by the church were somehow rewarded with large funding.

          This book, “Stories of Mary”, is full of images of artwork created by the great notable masters and seeks to show part of their magnificent work.

          Most of these artistic creations are now on display. They are well-kept in large museums or in rich private collections. These are rare and highly valued art pieces. Most of them are valued in the millions of dollars. More than seventy-seven copies of these fantastic artistic wonders, and almost a dozen old photographs, are spread throughout the pages of this beautiful and incredible book, “Stories of Mary - The Mother of Jesus Christ.” This book will be available soon by pre-order in both color and black and white illustrated versions. Incredibly favorable prices and extraordinary advantages make this book simply unmissable.

          Unforgettable artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, James Tissot, Raphael, Edwin Long, Caravaggio, Titian, El Greco, Mattia Preti, Paolo Veronese, Heinrich Bloch, Vasily Grigorevich Perov, Hans Memling, Eustache Le Sueur, Lazzaro Baldi, Pietro Perugino, among many others, were recognized worldwide for their famous productions of religious artwork during ancient, medieval, and modern to contemporary times.

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