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Less is More - "Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication." Quote by Leonardo Da Vinci!

Updated: Apr 18

Hi my friends, below are some more plans for tiny houses for you to enjoy and think about your possible home to be built someday in the future, very close and I hope it happens very soon, thank you very much and if you like it, please like our post and subscribe to our blog, our pages and groups on Facebook/Instagram, never forget: Less is More!

Tyne Houses (Micro):

Very small, cheap to build, but with incredible usable space - Traditional style - Cozy Tiny House - 13ft X 13ft(4X4m)

Traditional style - Micro Tiny House - very comfortable and beautiful - fantastic interior - you need to see this project urgently - 193 square feet( 3 X 6 meters )

Sophisticated and unbeatable model of Tiny House, but very small, yet cozy - modern concept and heavenly laser area with large and wonderful swimming pool and barbecue area, ideal residence for a single house but with a fantastic outdoor life for several guests - know; here is this smart and creative project lots of glass, light and heat throughout the residence with very low energy consumption - great project to add a lot of value with a clean and renewable solar energy generation project

Simple, yet modern and intelligent, very cheap due to its simplified construction, a comfortable but modest common living area that can efficiently serve some guests, great project for integrating solar or wind energy generation (mini turbines for clean and renewable energy generation) , very efficient in summer and especially in harsh winters with little or no sunlight)

Tyne Houses (Mini):

Traditional, conservative, very small model house only 323 sq ft (6 X 5 meters), but with an unbelievable leisure area - wonderful patio, balcony, lots of space with extraordinary kitchen in the loft. master bedroom with private bath

Rare, ultra-modern, extremely creative and intelligent design, outside all the conservative standards of a home, certainly destined for a couple of premium executives who value flashy sports cars (two special garages and idealized in an advanced and futuristic way) - you need to know this model of Tiny House that is beyond all standards and has never been seen before, welcome and enjoy!

Modern style, very comfortable, spacious with Loft Bedroom with private bathroom, another bathroom for common use on the first floor, plenty of space outside the house to think of a large and comfortable lounge area - Cozy Tiny House - only 453 Sq ft (6 X 7 meters)

In just 377 Sq ft (5 X 7 meters) a lot of space in a perfect integration of living, dining and kitchen, large bathroom and a loft bedroom with office, perfect for living with home office!

Tyne Houses (Small):

Scandinavian style, very comfortable, two bedrooms in only 528 Sq ft ( 7 X 7 meters) an innovative and cheap housing solution for up to four people, living in perfect harmony and comfort, this is a real Cozy Tiny House, very cheap to be built and suitable for clean and sustainable solar energy generation or with a mini wind turbine!

Tiny House of 754 Sq feet, but simple and comfortable, easy to build and cheap, smart and pleasant leisure area, very interesting project that needs to be seen and considered with special attention!

Another modern and beautiful Tiny House project, very cheap and easy to build, an ideal solution in just 452 Sq feet (6 X 7 meters), but with only 01 bedroom, perfect for a couple or solo resident, low cost of consumption of utilities such as: gas, electricity and water, very easy to incorporate clean and renewable energy generation systems, solar or wind (mini turbines)!

This one only 430 Sq ft (4 X 10 meters, modern, possible to be built on a small plot of land, easy and cheap construction, 01 bedroom, well-organized space and ready for an efficient integration of clean and sustainable electric energy generation -p solar or wind!

Tyne Houses (Medium

In the forest, or by a lake or on the beach or even in the city, a perfect Tiny House, comfortable with two extra large verandas one at the front and one at the back, this house made with shipping containers is an extraordinary solution extremely cheap, quick and easy to build, perfect for a small family, please enjoy this video!

Modern design, without completely abandoning the traditional and centuries-old forms of a perfect house, small and very cheap and easy to build. We must remember that we must not forget the good concepts of clean and renewable energy generation, a self-sustainable house is of vital importance for the environment and for our Mother Earth. Two bedrooms and lots of space in just 678 Sq feet - 7 X 9 meters!

Undoubtedly, this post is a true video show of intelligent and wonderful projects by Tiny Houses with the conception of creations with avant-garde modernist ideas, an example of which is this project using shipping containers, a low-cost and very fast construction method. Beautiful and creative project, which resulted in a house of high standard and great comfort. Two bedrooms and an incredible and extra large deck on the roof that suggests and makes us dream of a wonderful hydroponic garden that can provide self-sustainability for a small family of vegetables and even some small fruits!

This project takes us back to the concept of Spanish or Roman (Italian} modest villas, small country villages, certainly very comfortable, a gorgeous comfortable residence that takes us to an environment of peace and relaxation, a stress-free and pleasant life!

Where do you dream of spending your leisure time? On the farm, in the woods, by a lake or river, on the beach or in a suburb of a big city, it doesn't matter where. this is certainly the ideal Tiny House model for any place where you are looking for a life of peace and comfort while spending very little. It is impossible to think of this type of house without first planning an intense integration with a clean and renewable energy generation system, which will certainly drastically reduce our expenses with electricity and gas, Mother Earth will surely say : thank you very much!

Here is the real "Tiny House of Glass", very comfortable, ultra modern architecture, spacious, gorgeous and heavenly, but without forgetting that simplicity is the greatest sophistication, less is more and tranquility is the attribute of a Cozy Tiny House most desired, away from problems, full satisfaction of a stress-free life!

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