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Less is More - Living with Peaceful in Affordable and Beautiful Tiny/Small / Medium House !

Updated: Apr 9

"Some people want a big house, a fast car, and lots of money. Some people just want a small cabin in the woods away from those kinds of people." Unknown author "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" Leonard Da Vinci

In this blog, we will talk and share videos about a concept of a more relaxed and simple life, where pleasures, dreams, and desired consumption needs are reduced to an intelligent and rational size by choosing those that are feasible and achievable. These should be built on structures with solid and deep foundations "excavated and concreted" in the soul and heart, rather than those defined solely by the desire to acquire expensive goods and services with less real utility. This idea is as relevant today as it was centuries ago, as the master Leonardo da Vinci once said, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." When I feel trapped by meaningless and purposeless consumer pleasures and dreams, I like to remember a quote I wrote some time ago in one of my books: "Less is more, sometimes much more becomes much less," and in this way, I can contain and curb frivolous dreams. Regarding the definition of an ideal home, very close to perfection that meets our needs, I can confidently say that women and men think of a smaller and simpler house for most of their lives. Let me explain my reasoning to be clear:

First, in youth, at the beginning of their professional career - with low salaries for beginners in various professions, still without children, when they are married, they need to save for when their children arrive.

  • Then, when they reach professional maturity, they have possibly already bought or rented a larger house, but they keep alive and burning the strong desire for a small vacation home on the beach, in a lake, river, or forest, away from everything that bothers them, to give life to their moments of relaxation and rest, "OFF GRID", away from the cell phone, the house financing, the bills that come every month.

  • Finally, retirement arrives, the dream has come true, the children have left home, only the couple remains, the age-related problems bother them more, relatives and friends visit less and less, and a large house is expensive both in terms of the property price and its maintenance and daily use costs. Taxes are always high, and utilities can weigh heavily on the household budget: energy bills - heating and cooling, not to mention health insurance, which is not part of the house but is also present in inevitable and essential needs, all of which are indispensable and become increasingly expensive due to the "very high monetary inflation" thrown up by the abusive and inflated prices of oil, by an incessant global energy crisis exacerbated by conflicts, wars, and senseless disturbances.

There is also a collateral impact, the "environmental cost" and the "Mother Earth" is constantly calling out against our abuses and excesses, our lack of common sense and restraint. At this time, when a smaller and simpler home is strongly desired, it becomes a dream or even a reality, a necessity that quickly becomes welcome. However, as we will begin to show in videos below, which will be shared regularly, a small house - Tiny House, does not necessarily have to be uncomfortable, ugly, or undesirable. The size can vary greatly from micro-apartments or 100, 400, 600 sqft2 houses, sometimes up to 700/800 sqft2, typically with one bedroom, or a loft bedroom, and an integrated living room + kitchen + dining room. Some people prefer two or three bedrooms, a little more space, which is not a sin in relation to the concept of Less is More. We can define it as just a little more convenience. In homes of any size, it is of vital importance to live well in a small house to consider giving great importance and priority to an Outside Life, with large, pleasant, comfortable, and beautiful decks, balconies, patios, and gardens, where friends and family will feel perfectly integrated and included in the lives of couples or single residents during visits. Typically, these additions to these constructions are the least expensive and most enjoyable aspects of a happy family's home. Personally, at my age of 67 and married for 45 years, I am considering a Tiny House ranging from 500 to possibly 650 sqft2, with a good deck, if possible, in the front and back, a well-cared-for garden, a grill for a good and generous barbecue, two bedrooms, one of which is a Master with a private bathroom, a social bathroom, and living, kitchen, and dining areas integrated and slightly wider, and we cannot forget about a medium-sized laundry room. Of course, avoiding excesses, because the differential, as mentioned above, undoubtedly needs to be an outdoor life integrated with nature, to enjoy our retirement well, everything perfect, but without ever forgetting our motto - Less is more! Some, more financially privileged, may even consider a tiny house above 800/900 sqft2, perhaps even three bedrooms, with two master bedrooms with private bathrooms, a library, a home office, and other dependencies. I really believe that this is still not too much. Above all, we need to relax, preferably performing tasks in an enjoyable way, such as cooking, but in a light way, not out of obligation, with healthy foods that give us pleasure and strengthen our health and life. When possible, a valuable and delicious wine, a good quality beer, or even fresh fruit juice, but mainly it is necessary to distance ourselves from financial worries, to live according to the "possibilities of our pocket," to always be able to put our heads on the pillow and sleep soundly, without stress. Here on this blog, I will try to share videos produced by other people: architects, engineers, builders, designers, industrialists, groups linked to all types of constructions: traditional, prefabricated, shipping containers, whenever possible. We will also cover the latest Box Houses model buildings, which can be foldable, quickly and cheaply constructed, with energy efficiency in their facilities and domestic utilities, and have the ability to not only save energy but also protect the environment. Whenever possible, in the construction of a smart Tiny House, the generation of its own energy to be consumed should be considered, either through solar panels or, as these devices become increasingly accessible, "Mini Wind Turbine Energy Generation" as another excellent solution to produce clean and sustainable energy in Off Grid Residences or urban centers. Generating one's own clean energy can even zero out our energy expenditure, depending on the total installed production capacity and our daily usage. This simple mathematical equation can even allow for a positive financial balance, a new gain especially in cities. Energy distributors will remain connected to homes even when they produce their own clean energy, and if residents exceed their energy consumption, they receive credits for the excess energy, which is automatically redistributed to other consumers, potentially substantial amounts that can help pay for at least part of other utility bills, such as water, gas, internet, taxes, and more. “Mini turbines for clean and sustainable energy generation using wind power" is a technology for energy production that has been gaining momentum, especially in Europe, and promises to be a cost-effective solution in the medium term. Many governments heavily subsidize this wind-based energy generation method, considering its higher implementation costs compared to solar energy. It is an ideal solution, especially in regions with harsh and prolonged winters, where energy generation by solar panels decreases due to less sunlight, but precisely during these times, wind speed and constancy increase and predominate over the power of the sun. Below is our first post with some lovely Tiny Houses, of various sizes and different styles that I have been selecting for some time, and from now on, I will have the pleasure of sharing with you. Please see my post and share it with your family and friends, as the theme "Less is more" is of interest to everyone, thank you very much!

Tyne Houses (Micro):

Cozy Tiny House - with game area - studio loft bedroom, small but perfect for a couple or solo residents.

Suite home, unbelieved design concept

Ultra Modern Tiny House studio loft bedroom - with pool and large barbecue area, this have a wonderful

outside live

Gorgeous Tiny House affordable porch with barbecue area and loft bedroom + small home office space

Low Budget Tiny House

Step by step construction idea all cost included - a good idea to follow for a smart and very cheap construction

Tiny Houses (mini):

Heavenly Cozy Tiny House - Loft with living and half bathroom - very pleasant

wonderful design idea

Modern Tiny House with incredible space, splendid pool and terrace - loft bedroom with large home office

BEAUTIFUL AESTHETIC LOFT TINY HOUSE DESIGN - one bedroom - perfect kitchen - a lot cabinets - Heavenly

Cozy Tiny House - only 215 sq ft fantastic concept - roof deck and porch incredible idea!

Small House:

Living Like a Farmhouse in a 640 sq ft Tiny House - gorgeous porch - double fire place - interior and exterior - large barbecue area - 02 bedrooms and 02 bathroom - double living - fantastic kitchen + eating room

Premium Tiny House - large home office - double porch in front and back a lot flower box - 01 bedroom + bath in low flour + 01 loft bedroom everything in only 538 sq ft

Elegant Tiny House - with 03 bedrooms in only 356 SQ FT

incredible perfect to a medium family

01 bedroom in low flour and

02 bedrooms in loft - fantastic

Gorgeous Tiny House - extra large porch in front and side - 01 bedroom in low flour and 01 large bedroom in loft

a lot space in living+ eating + kitchen everything in only 450 SQ FT!

Medium Houses:

Cozy Tiny House Like a Mansion

Pool - large porch front and side - extra large barbecue area -

Kids space - flower box in low and up flour

Only 786 SQ FT

Elegant Tiny House - modern concept with eating and kitchen in loft

extra large balcony with car port in down - 02 bedrooms in low floor

Very nice home to a small family (02 kids)

Wonderful Tiny House - 01 bedroom and bathroom in low floor more 01 bedroom + bathroom in up floor - Home office - and extraordinary extra large covered balcony with all facility barbecue area - this is a perfect home!

Gorgeous Modern Tiny House - New Concept: living and eating + Kitchen in up floor

02 master bedrooms with private bathroom in low floor - extra large balcony with car port in down - Heavenly House. small but wonderful!

Live in a Premium Cabin in the Rocks and Forest! - Fantastic Tiny House

02 open bedrooms one in down other up - a lot comfort too many books - plus home office - outdoor seats fire place - cozy home with a life with an intense relationship with nature!

Dream Tiny House - Wonderful pool with large barbecue and relax area

01 bedroom in low floor and other in up floor with a large home office

deck in the up with external stair

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