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The book idea: “Stories of Mary - The Mother of Jesus Christ”


A few years ago, Ferrari had a strange but very beautiful dream. He was in a field of harvested wheat. It seemed that it was a distant time in the past. The sun was already disappearing on the horizon and the remnant of the wheat seemed to shine. A gentle breeze was blowing from the eastern sides.

      Not far away, coming along a rustic path of earth and stones, you could see the image of a man who stood out for his long gold and black garments. It was a very beautiful cloak. The head, covered by a hood, gave a greater touch of mystery to the vision. He appeared to be one of those wise men who traditionally, in antiquity, traveled the pilgrimage routes of the interior of Ancient Europe.

      It was difficult for Ferrari to determine where he was and at what period in the history of mankind he was experiencing that situation: this beautiful dream experience seemed to be real.

When the intriguing man came close, he said, "May the peace of the Lord be with you, friend!"

      Ferrari replied, "It is among us!"

      “Where do you come from and where does your destination take you, sir?"

      "Sir, no, dear friend, I’m only a monk, a poor man known as a sage."

      He pointed to Ferrari's right, “Look at that tree just after the curve by the hill, how much shade it provides. I realize that you carry water in your bag. ”

      The sage then pointed to Ferrari’s leather bag hanging on his shoulder, where there was a lot of water.

      “Yes, I just collected this fresh water. I think we can camp here tonight.”

      "Sure! What an excellent idea. And I’m very thirsty! ”

      The Wise Man opened his robe, which had large pockets, and showed him some food.

      "Dried fruits, cured cheese, various nuts, cereals and slices of fresh bread. I have wine too. I kept a bottle for a special occasion. It is of good quality, produced with grapes from centuries-old vines of the monasteries in the French mountains. ”

     Ferrari hugged his new road friend and together they walked towards that particular tree. There was plenty of grass, so they settled for a small meal.

      The Wise Man looked at the sun, which was almost disappearing on the horizon, and said:

"It's six o'clock. It is the special moment of the Grace of the Lord. ”

Mysteriously, a sound from a sublime martial band echoed throughout the sky, angelic musicians started to perform the song "Amazing Grace", by John Newton.

An exceptional female voice, a soprano, started to sing an unforgettable solo, a sweet and harmonious sound came from all around, it was certainly a musical performance that shivered and filled everyone's hearts with joy and peace.

      Ferrari looked at the Wise Man in amazement and he explained, “It's your dream and anything can happen. You are in charge here.”

      "But I didn't imagine all of that!" exclaimed Ferrari.

      "I just gave a little help!" said the Wise Man.

      “We are going to enjoy the song; then, I’ll give you the answers you are looking for and I can solve the worries you bring in your thoughts. They even dominate your dreams!”

      "Good man, how do you know the doubts that plague me night after night?"

      “Simple, my dear, as I said, “I am in your dream. So, it becomes easy, even trivial to do so. I have not existed outside of your mind; therefore, I am with you, and I can see your past and your present. And listen, I can even see your future. ”

      At the end of the angelic song, the Wise Man, after taking a deep breath, seemed to have incorporated that special melody into his soul and heart.

      "Let's go to the purpose of our special meeting today. Have you been looking for an idea for a new story for some time? Isn't that what has been bothering you?"

      "Yes, sure."

      “Write about the Mother of All Mothers, Mary. They have been writing a lot about her during these two millennia, but not in the way I think."

      “The Nativity Story of Jesus is beautiful; however, it shows little about his Mother, making the Bible readers curious and eager to know a little more about Mary. She was, without a doubt, the most important woman in the universe. After all, she was chosen by God to give birth to Jesus. Most importantly, she was prepared from before her own birth to educate the Son of God. Therefore, she would need to be the best among the best to perform this mission. Can you understand that, my friend? ”

      "You are right, Wise Man! ”

       “Another important detail in the nativity narratives is that Mary's birth is rarely mentioned. Not even her parents' names are remembered. And what about the life of the Mother of All Mothers after Christ's ascension into Heaven? The fact, however, is that Mary still lived among us for many years after the resurrection of the Master of All Masters.”

      “She first lived in Judea, in the region of Jerusalem. Then, the apostle John, designated as her son by Jesus, when He was suffering on the cross, took her to Turkey. There she was well protected until the end of her years - which were not few!”

      "How am I going to find this information?"

     “Through research, commitment, and dedication, my friend. Here is your great story, a precious book: ‘Stories of Mary - The Mother of Jesus Christ’. Just write it and, at the right time, publish it. ”

      Suddenly Ferrari was awakened by his wife. It was June 5, 2016, her birthday, World Environment Day. In his dream, Ferrari had received the best gift of all time in his life.



Coming Soon - Fall 2023


The book “Stories of Mary - The Mother of Jesus Christ” was to be released in March / April of 2020 (Mother's Day promotion), but the Covid-19 pandemic had started and the plans needed to be reevaluated. Due to the financial crisis in which the world has been passing, commercial activities declined and the financing of a new literary project by an unknown writer was not viable because the capital for investments became scarce.


      Ferrari is truly grateful to all the supporters who made the decision to make a purchase commitment in this pre-sale action of the book “Stories of Mary”. Certainly, your incentive and trust in this cultural action will be crucial for the total success of this quite special literary project about Mary, the Mother of All Mothers.

      There is even more. It is a unique book pre-sale action. It comes with an irresistible bonus: illustrated editions at popular prices with more than seventy works of art by immortal artists from different countries and distinct eras, plus some beautiful old photographs!

      Please, if you have not yet made your purchase promise, do it now! Help us! Your support is of great importance for the publication of this much needed, wonderful, and important book for this globalized culture.

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