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Mary Personality:

  Mary had a wonderful and strong personality, developed since her early childhood, when she was cared for and educated by angels as well as received a very special cultural formation, ordered by God; after all, she would one day be the parent and educator of her only son, Jesus Christ. She was also a fascinating, intelligent, exceptional person, being the only woman, in all times of humanity, who remained a virgin even after giving birth. She was born in her mother's womb, Ana, free from original sin, because her womb would one day be fertilized by the miraculous intervention of the Holy Spirit to generate the Messiah. However, despite all this, inexplicably,  so little has been written - practically nothing – about this very special woman.

Why so? For the exacerbated machismo that prevailed when she passed by Planet Earth? To promote her absolute exclusion? For the religious dogmas against the female figure when the first books of the New Testament were written? Because of religious radicalism?

   Difficult answers or even impossible ones to find out with unacceptable, futile and prejudiced reasons behind carrying discriminations impossible to be accepted, because they directly affect Mary, the Mother of All Mothers, the Blessed Virgin, the Mother of God’s Son - the Messiah, who was born and died for the salvation of mankind.

        In order to minimize these injustices against Mary, I decided to write this book - Stories of Mary -, to try to fill in the gaps of her wonderful life. Without a doubt, she was, after her son Jesus, the most important figure of Christianity. Mary lived in difficult times, when brutal persecutions were carried out against all those who decided to follow and embrace the Words of Christ. Those sacred words were propagated by Jesus’s apostles and disciples, who were always widely supported, cherished and protected by Mary.

      So I based my writings primarily, when possible, on reliable written historical reports. Secondly, in religious traditions handed down from generation to generation orally. And when there was nothing to rely on, I also used a well-dosed portion of fiction. This strategy proved to be necessary given the small amount of writings that could be researched and studied.

      Certainly, our book covers a longer period about the Nativity’s miracle than the usual publications that discuss the same theme. This book’s writings started before Mary’s natural conception in the womb of her mother Anne, through the carnal conjunction with her husband Joachim, and extends to the years of Mary's life after the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

      Wonderful stories that need and should be read since they will reveal important information and facts that normally are not available in other literary works.

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