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Stories of Mary

The Mother of Jesus Christ

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Beautiful stories related to Mary's unforgettable life:

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Genealogy of a picture

Constantine and his entire family, including his mother Helena and much of his court, had converted to Christianity. Because of this, Empress Helena organized the expedition - in which she intended to find the wooden cross of Jesus.

      Helena had great success - in addition to finding the wood of the cross, she received, to her surprise, from her Christian women, a great gift: the art piece painted by Luke with the perfect features of Mary...


The Holy Shroud

On the third day of Jesus' death, a small group of women returned to the tomb of Christ - among them Mary Magdalene. This return was just at dawn. However, the small group found the tomb open, without the Roman legionaries’ troop , who had escaped from the site, abandoning their guard posts.

      Mary Magdalena, despite being very afraid, was the first to enter the cave, followed, just behind, by the group of women. Minutes before, they had been challenged by an Announcing Angel, who had said that the tomb was empty and ordered them to come in to see what had happened: The Messiah, the Son of Abraham's only God, had risen.


Veronica's Veil

The story of the “Veil of Veronica” is not described in the canonical gospels nor expressly in the apocryphal gospels. They are narratives that are part of accounts of Christian oral traditions.

      However, there are proven historical facts that this veil was in Rome in the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries, as there are references to a piece called “Veronica's Veil”...


The Unforgettable Paintings of Great Masters in the Book Stories of Mary

     It would be unrealistic to develop a writing work of this magnitude and importance to retell some stories of Mary's life without mentioning the artwork of this historical period. During this remote period portrayed through this book, “Stories of Mary”, the lenses of today's powerful cameras were represented by the retinas of the perceptive eyes of the great masters of painting. Their eyes were directed and guided by their fertile imaginations and exuberant creativity...

Forest in Nature

Veronica's Veil

Veronica holding her veil, Hans Memling, c. 1470  - Collection:

National Gallery of Art.

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